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Project management

All program management roles are part of the services we offer; we feel the product has little value without the support and service behind it.

Project Managers will be assigned the duties and responsibilities of all YOUR COMPANY account related issues.

The following items will be implemented upon being a preferred supplier/partner:

* Two(2) full service manufacturing facilities.
* Company owned installation and service facilities.
* Inventory management reporting and tracking.
* Field presentation will be provided for all appropriate zones, including a program implementation outline.
* A team of full time personnel dedicated to each account.
* Promptly response to requests for prototypes, new products, and revisions to existing items, vital product information, etc.
* Provide engineered drawings before manufacturing the sign program package.
* Provide complete site survey, permit code research, completion survey with photos.
* Provide complete detailed shipping data as required to track product when necessary.
* All freight claims and related transport issues are handled by Fairmont Sign Company.
* Fairmont’s production schedule will be based on customer projection schedules.
* Finished product is of the highest quality components and fabricated by highly skilled journeymen.
* Fairmont Sign Company Guarantee Statement, which exceeds industry standards.

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